LLSP ( Laser - Lamps - Sound Performance )


WEEKENDSOUND #7, tamtamART, Berlin, Germany, 2011. Photo by Singing

Photo by Anpis Wang, 2010

FT4 2009, FUKUOKA ASIAN ART MUSEUM, Fukuoka, Japan. Photo by Chiang, chen-wei.

Live performance
Electronic devices, fluorescent lamps
20-30 mins

"Anxiety is a physical condition.
Symptoms appear in your body, disorderly.
You call it out of control, or a release from the restraint…

How to write a code to command your body ?"

Fingering with a green laser light, when touching the laser, the fluorescent lamps all lighten up and also the sounds are triggered. This is how I play an instrument which is created on my own. I place some devices like microphones around the fluorescent lamps and then amplify the tiny noises from switching on of lamps and input the noises into my computer. Laser lights are projected 170 cm long and I use sensors to judge the position of my hands to control tuning up or down on this 170 cm long green laser light.