Audiovisual installation
Single channel video, stereo sound
Duration: 02:04 (loop)

"The ink is slowly flowing, the light is partially glistening and the sound is clamorously rumbling"

The flowing ink divides many sections in the water.The lights from different directions are used to augment the events happening in these sections. Ink, light and sound form a sea- and mountain-like flowing scenery. The most intriguing part of this work is that except the slowly flowing ink, other variables all undergo radical changes. The contrast constructed by these two enables me to notice how the ink slowly forms an abstract scene.

I used video-shooting device to extend the space concept emphasized in the work of sound to the media of images; that is, to use a computer program to analyze the figure of the sound frequency and then to convert this figure into the parameter used to control the lighting at the shooting scene.


墨汁的流動在水裡劃分出許多的空間區塊,使用不同的方位的燈光以加強區塊空間內的事件。 墨汁、光線、聲響,形成了一個如海、如山的一個流動地景。這件作品最吸引我的地方是,除了 墨汁的緩緩流動的部份以外,其他變數均是激烈的改變,而兩者建構出來的對比性,更吸引我注 意到墨汁慢慢形成一個抽象的地景。

利用拍攝的裝置將聲音作品中所強調的空間概念,延續到影像的媒材中:利用電腦程式分析聲音 頻率的數值,再將此數值轉化為拍攝現場燈光控制的參數。