Electronic devices, fluorescent lamps
90cm (W) x 1000cm (D) x 270cm (H)

“Information saturation… I like to stand and watch information go to waste; like watching a strong wind blow or wild waves.”

I believe that the age of information explosion is over. Maybe because I was born in the middle of this explosion, I was not around before or at the time of an explosion to recognize its impact.
I’d rather use the term “information saturation” to describe the way we live today. There is way too much anxiety associated with an “information explosion,” whereas “information saturation” creates a different emotional response.

Sound, light, and orientation are key elements in this work. Varying the ratios between these three elements intrigues me. Our visual capabilities enable us to effortlessly distinguish between the absence or intensity of light so much so that for some people, rapid changes in intensity of light can cause disorientation or even headaches. “Sound” is easy to ignore, maybe because we forget to watch for sound, like we forget to listen for vision. Sound is absent from our visually-dependant imagination; our sound-memories are completely unrelated to light.

Light, for me is a signal through which information is transmitted; for instance, LEDs on a computer, or brake lights and indicators on an automobile, etc. But this rule doesn’t apply to fluorescent lighting. For me, fluorescent lights have too much personality. This type of lighting has its own set of physical laws; the noise it makes is a part of its own process of powering up, and has no controllable governing rules.

Vision creates tension, whereas sound does the opposite.

「資訊充滿 我喜歡站著看它如狂風與大海一般 浪費著」

我認為今天的生活已經不再是 資訊爆炸 的狀態,或許我出生的年代,資訊依舊爆炸,但當我有意識的時候,我不曾感到資訊爆炸的威力。