YAO Chung-Han 姚 仲 涵

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HH, Walking On The Wire by Jeph LO
from The Subconscious Restaurant 3

Now it’s an age of sensation: Conversation with Artist Chunghan Yao

Art Is Unspeakably Moving: A Q&A With Yao Chung-Han by Xue Tan
from the creatorsproject

台湾を代表するサウンドアーティスト・YAO, Chung-Han 姚仲涵 インタビュー
from Offshore Media and Culture Center

That's No Way to Go: Giving Your Body Over to the Telecom Lacking Sound Festival 44 by Jau-Lan GUO

肉身交託 無路可退——失聲祭44,文/郭昭蘭
from LSF

from 巫術拓樸學

姚仲涵:“看”声音,“听”视觉, 文/广东美术馆
from 广东美术馆

A Conversation with Samson Young and Yao Chung-Han by ROBIN PECKHAM (excerpt)
from Rhizome

from Pots

青年藝術家姚仲涵於NTT ICC中心展出《流竄座標1》並分享台灣經驗,文/Rikey CHENG
from TDAIC

人物專訪 / 當代藝術家:我著迷於專著的感覺失控─姚仲涵,文/陳松志
from Roodo

臺灣的聲音藝術 - 姚仲涵的表演,文/岩切澪
from Art Yuran

Passions in cool grayscale images Interview with Asian Art Biennial artist YAO Chung-Han by Rikey CHENG
在冷靜的灰階裡熱情著 專訪亞洲藝術雙年展藝術家姚仲涵,文/Rikey CHENG
from TDAIC

新生代的實驗聲響團體 ─ i/O SoundLab.,文/吳介瑋
from Pots